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The Spanish Galleon is a giant warship!

It is built specifically to enter into combat and carry a lot of treasure with it back.

The box contains:

  • 1 17 × 7 ”Plastic Resin Hull (28mm scale)
  • 2 Plastic Resin End Pieces (Head Rails and Gallery, 28mm scale)
  • 6 Decorative Ship Pieces
  • 24 Wooden dowel for Masts & Spars
  • 8 Yards of Elastic for Rigging
  • 58 Laser cut wooden Rigging Parts
  • 28 White Metal Gunport Covers
  • 28 White Metal Light Cannons Tips
  • 8 Swivel Guns
  • 1 Game Card

Galleon is not an item that I stock regularly and is only produced when ordered. You must expect a delivery time of 5-6 weeks which applies to the entire order.


The contents of the box are not painted or assembled and no paint and glue are included.

Sails and flags not included.